We believe humanity’s inherent genius is realized through personal growth.

Our Mission

is to honor people while providing holistic growth experiences realized through awareness, connection and contribution, delivered with levity and fun!

Our Vision

Fostering individuals to discover their infinite possibilities and lead purposeful lives through transformative personal growth seminars.

Convergence Leadership Team

Dan Gibbons


Rob Rohe


Deb Morris



With a collective seventy years’ experience in the personal development arena, Dan Gibbons, Rob Rohe, and Deb Foster Morris bring their talents and skills together to this new venture. One of their fundamental beliefs is that win-win is a philosophy to be lived out every day. With this tenet at its core, they created this seminar company where everyone wins.  Life has brought you to this point and through awareness, you can converge those experiences transforming your life into a one of liberty. You bring who you are to what you do, and you will have what you want. That is the Convergence Seminar experience.