Act Now

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

-Robin Sharma

Act Now 90 Day Training Program

A 90 day training consisting of three working weekends, weekly mastermind meetings, and a black-tie awards night. You will have a personal coach who you will call three days a week. You will take action daily on personal and professional goals developing a fresh perspective leading to uncommon rewards. You will be a part of a team where you support and get supported to achieve more than you thought possible. You will sharpen leadership and communication skills to influence yourself and others to decisive action. It may be the most amazing and rewarding 90 days of your life.

Completing the Explorer Seminar is a prerequisite to attending Act Now.

An Extension of Explorer

The Explorer seminar is a prerequisite for Act Now. Act Now is an extension of Explorer in the sense that it takes all of the core concepts covered and puts them into action. Over the years, we have turned Act Now into the most effective way to actively achieve your goals by providing a space to hone in and practice the skills needed to accomplish the goals you set.

Personal & Professional Coaching

Inside of the Act Now experience, we pair each of our participants with a hand-picked coach based on the goal that you have set for either personal or professional environments. This is critical to the success of the events as our coaches have been in the seats of our participants at some point in their lives.

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